Sell artist designed custom socks to your followers, completely risk free.

Here's how bakdrop works: 
1) Our artists will personally design a pair of socks for you, completely free! 
2) Once you approve on the design, we will make the sock campaign live. A campaign lasts for 7 days and must sell at least 20 pairs for the socks to get made. Your job is to promote it. 
3) If the campaign hits the minimum, we take care of everything and you can earn up to $7.00/pair, depending on the volume sold. You can see the earning breakdown in our FAQ. 

There is no cost or risk for you at any point!
Sock Design

Pick A Design Style *

Our artists will use the template you pick, together with an image you provide to personally create a personalized sock design.

  Download Blank Template

If you chose to create your own design, please download our sock template and submit it instead of your picture once you're done with it.

You can download it here:
Upload Your Image That Our Artists Will Use to Design Your Socks *

By uploading images here, you agree that you own the rights to these images.
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Special Instructions (Optional)

Let us know if you have a specific request for your design.
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Please provide links to your social media account (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) or group this is for.
You rock! Thank you for your interest in launching a bakdrop campaign.

We are currently in a limited beta and can only accept partners that have a large enough following to spread the word about the socks. Our team will review your submission and will be in touch shortly! :)

With Love,
team bakdrop
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